Legacy Wealth Planning

Values, Legacy, Belief

What is Legacy Wealth Planning?

Legacy Wealth Planning does not just involve drafting paperwork, avoiding probate, and protecting and passing on your money to your family. It is so much more. Your legacy to your family is not only your physical property, but also your knowledge, your beliefs, and your values. Passing these on is in many ways more important than just monetary wealth.


Your Legacy Wealth Plan

Your legacy wealth planning involves a series of meetings with you to determine your goals, decide how best to protect your family legacy, and make sure that we provide you with a plan that provides you with the peace of mind that your family legacy will be passed down for generations.


Updating Your Legacy Wealth Plan

With our experience in family law matters, we can anticipate some of the changes in life that can cause changes to your estate plan. The birth of a child to a single person, the divorce of a married couple, or a change in custody of children, such as adoption, guardianship, or even time-sharing can all trigger a review of your estate plan. By staying in contact with our clients with regular communication, and through our membership plans, these events can all be reviewed to keep your plan updated throughout life’s changes.


Family Legacy Wealth Planning Packet documents available for download.

You May Not Think You Need Your Appt If (docx)


Info Document (docx)


Inventory_and_Assessment (pdf)